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The Murph-A-Month (M-A-M) Challenge

Jan – May, 2022

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What is the Murph-A-Month Challenge?

The Murph-A-Month (M-A-M) Challenge began with the New Year 2022 and will conclude on Memorial Day 2022. The event can be completed wherever you are, whether at your local gym, neighborhood, or deployed area of operation. The M-A-M Challenge is an exciting and life-changing five-month commitment in which individuals and teams of any size compete in a monthly workout called “The Murph.” The events are physically and mentally exhausting, and designed for competitors of all ages.

The M-A-M Challenge raises funds and awareness for Bulwark Foundation’s first responder and veteran support initiatives. The Challenge is sponsored by Bulwark Coffee Company, a veteran owned and operated company that will celebrate its launch on Memorial Day launch on May 30, 2022. Bulwark Coffee Company will be the first-ever coffee company to donate 100% of its profits to support first responders and veterans. Eager to differentiate itself from all other companies, Bulwark Coffee Company will change the competitive landscape of the coffee industry and quickly become America’s favorite coffee brand.

The M-A-M Challenge was created by the veterans of Bulwark Foundation. These veterans are accomplished leaders, in both combat and business. Their heart for service is reflected in this event and in the values of the Bulwark brand. Their mission is simple: SERVING THOSE WHO SERVE.

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What is a “Murph”?

  • 1 Mile Run
  • 100 Pullups
  • 200 Pushups
  • 300 Unweighted Squats
  • 1 Mile Run

Why this workout?

A number of considerations went into choosing “The Murph” as an appropriate challenge exercise.


  • John 15:13 says, “Greater love has no one than this, that a person will lay down his for his friends.” That is exactly what SEAL Lieutenant Michael Murphy did for his men.
  • “The Murph” is a grueling exercise, thus both completion and performance are entirely dependent on the participants willingness to accept and push through the pain and fatigue.
  • The only equipment required to complete “The Murph” is a pull-up bar, so our men and women, deployed in austere conditions, can still participate abroad.

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Bulwark Coffee Company is a premium coffee company that wholeheartedly supports first responders and veterans. In fact, it is the first-ever coffee company to donate 100% of its profits to support first responders and veterans!

There are three main objectives that Bulwark Foundation seeks to accomplish:

1. The first is to reward the service of fire fighters willing to risk their lives for the safety of their communities. More than 70% of our nation’s firefighters are volunteers and more than 70% of fire departments are volunteer (donor-funded), which means they spend substantial energy seeking funding to maintain their ever-aging equipment.

2. The second is to demonstrate unwavering support for law enforcement professionals who have been the subject of relentless scrutiny despite their willingness to serve their communities at great personal risk. These challenges are ever present on the minds of both firefighters and police officers who overwhelmingly support the Bulwark Coffee Company.

3. To support the brave men and women of the American military who once served or continue to serve their country and have dutifully sworn to protect and defend Constitution of the United States. They are a rare breed and they should be celebrated.

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