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The Murph-A-Month (M-A-M) Challenge is unique for our time—for any time. It is a challenge for all adults—young and old, civilian and military, civil servants and grateful citizens. It is a unifying event that demands physical, mental, and moral strength, and serves as a parallel representation of the difficulties facing our military and first responders each and every day.

In the past two years, cultural challenges have highlighted the importance of demonstrating our support for our nation’s heroes and of recognizing the sacrifices they make as they risk their lives to indiscriminately protect those in need, even within the most dangerous neighborhoods in our country. Recent cultural shifts have neglected to support these heroes and have contributed to spikes in violent crime across the country. In 2020, disloyal politicians relented to the fringe cultures, seeking to win their favor by defunding police units. As a result, the number of murders in the United States jumped nearly 30% in the largest single-year increase ever recorded in the country. In Los Angeles, 2021 is shaping up to be even more dire with killings exceeding historical records. Chicago murders are outpacing any year in a quarter century. Just over the 4th of July weekend, at least 233 people were fatally shot and 618 were injured in shootings across our country. We can do better. We are better than this.

At Bulwark Coffee Company, we have not forgotten our heroes—those willing to step into the fray and protect the innocent at great personal risk. In polling booths across the country, Americans are voicing their priorities for law and order, truth and justice, freedom and sacrifice. The toxic ideology that tears at the heroic thread weaved into America’s fabric—strands of honor, courage, and commitment—is being recognized for what it is. America is the freest, most prosperous, and most generous nation in human history, and its secret is embodied in the selfless service of our military and first responders.

The M-A-M Challenge is an opportunity for Americans to unite and stand shoulder to shoulder with our heroes.

The wider this challenge is embraced, the stronger our nation will become. This challenge spawns a healthy competitive spirit that inspires, strengthens, and provokes us to elevate our nation’s health and readiness. The difficulty of the “Murph” is a physical reminder of the moral strength of its namesake: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005. After his death, LT Murphy was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery. Typically, adventurous fitness fanatics attempt “Murph” fitness challenges around Memorial Day, in honor of our fallen military veterans. But the M-A-M Challenge is unique in that it challenges Americans to join our first responders and warriors in a series of consecutive “Murph” completions. As each monthly “Murph” is completed, individuals grow stronger physically, mentally, and morally, and in the process, develop stronger bonds of camaraderie, teamwork, unit pride, and esprit de corps. And that’s exactly what this country needs right now. We need to come together. In a time when immorality, weakness, and victimhood are in vogue, it is time for Americans to turn the tide. Let us revisit our honor to a common set of values, our courage to stand for what is right, and our commitment to see our country returned to its founding principles. The M-A-M Challenge is a good place to start by surrounding our nation’s courageous warriors with a sense of gratitude and respect. Whether you are an elite athlete or fitness novice, you can participate in the challenge.

The Murph-A-Month Challenge will run from January to Memorial Day 2022. One “Murph” every month. You will never be the same. Accept the challenge!

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