November 5, 2021

Why the Murph-A-Month Challenge Strikes a Chord

The Murph-A-Month (M-A-M) Challenge is unique for our time—for any time. It is a challenge for all adults—young and old, civilian and military, civil servants and grateful citizens. It is…
November 3, 2021

10 Reasons You Should Sponsor the M-A-M Challenge

A Murph-A-Month Challenge has never been done before. So, your business has a unique opportunity to be a part of something truly historic. Participants who accept this challenge are truly…
November 1, 2021

Gratitude and Commitment

The mission was not going well.  It had begun less than 24 hours ago, one clear Afghanistan night in late June 2005.  Now, here, on this desolate mountain along the…